Your Regular Carpet Cleaning Can Prevent These Health problems

Carpet is one of the important items in the house, where we do activities, children play and so on. For that carpet cleaning also needs to be considered because cleanliness will also affect your family’s health. You have to clean your carpet regularly, at least once a year. If you cannot wash it yourself, bring it to a carpet washing place near your home. Especially when there are special events such as parties and my big day, you want clean and healthy carpets to all your guests and families. People choose Carpet Cleaning North Shore because they want to ensure the health of their loved ones. People often spend time or do activities on the carpet the hills carpet cleaning.

Carpets and air conditioners can be the two dirtiest things in your office. Try asking the janitor whether they are often cleaned or have not been treated for years? If it has never been cleaned, it is not impossible that dust and germs from there will trigger the disease. The dust stays on carpets and air conditioners. Dust mites are not just dirty dust, but a very small type of parasite that eats dust. People who have allergies are usually sensitive to these dust mites. The following are potential illnesses that may occur if you don’t clean carpet.


Your asthma can be a long-term result of exposure to dirty carpets and air conditioners. The threat of this disease cannot be ignored, because if it is not taken care of, it will disrupt the quality of life. The thing is for sure, the dirty carpets and air conditioners cast pollution into the air.

Lung infection

One disease that may be caused by air conditioning in the office is a lung infection. However, this is not because of the air conditioner, but because of air circulation.


Have you ever suddenly sneezed or runny nose when entering the workroom? Even though you are not flu. If yes, chances are that the flu is not the main cause but allergies. When you are in a dirty room, then suddenly experience sneezing and also a cold, it is very likely you are allergic to dust particles.

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