These Are Problems On Electric Keys And How To Deal With Them

The sophistication of technology does not mean being free from damage. There must be a time when the smart key doesn’t work properly to open the door or turn on the engine. Of course, there are many factors that affect the normal functioning of the smart key. Apart from that, you may call locksmith service in singapore when your electric lock system breaks locksmith service in singapore.

This time we will discuss what are the things that trigger the smart key’s non-functioning and what to do if it happens.

Here are some of the common causes problems that exist in smart key & how to overcome them:

Wave Disturbance

Basically, a smart key uses radio waves to do what we command. Usually, these radio waves will be disturbed if your car is parked in an area that has BTS (Base Transceiver Station). Don’t worry because you can rely on the remote to keep your car door open. Moreover, some car manufacturers have now changed the frequency so that interference from BTS is increasingly minimized. But if it happens, you can bring the remote closer to the module. Well, the position of the remote frequency receiver in each car is different. So you need to ask its position with the official workshop mechanic. Generally, the position of the module is behind the dashboard, but there are also those that put it behind near the C. pillar.

To turn on the engine, simply hold the remote with the Start / Stop button, the car will immediately recognize which is marked by changing the indicator on the Start / Stop button to green.

The Damage On The Rolling Code

The trigger for the next smart key malfunction is due to damage from the rolling code on the remote. Rolling code here is useful for transmitting radio waves to tuners in a car. If you like this, you can’t help but you have to make a change in the rolling code in the official workshop. Usually, the rolling code has an age of up to 5 years and for the costs to be incurred is quite affordable.

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