There Are Different Types Of Endurance

Endurance is the ability of a person to carry out an activity for a certain period of time without getting tired quickly amazon. Maintaining this stamina is concluded as maintaining consistency in a fit, unscathed, and happy condition throughout the entire season. This means that stamina requires a “total fitness” as part of endurance. You can choose nitric oxide supplements if you want to boost your endurance.

There are 3 types of endurance that we need to know and understand. Furthermore, the physical exercises that we will do will be specific and adapted to the sport we are involved in. The types of endurance are:

1. Pure Endurance

This is the ability to maintain stamina by relying on fuel in the body, mental strength, level of fatigue from the muscles (fatigue), and regulation of temperature in the body. This type of stamina is trained in the ability of sports such as running, long-distance swimming, bicycle racing, or other sporting branches whose final settlement really depends purely on the athlete’s stamina.

Power of Recovery

This is the endurance or stamina that is needed or trained by a soccer player. This required endurance depends entirely on the body’s recovery ability repeatedly in a match. That is what is called total fitness. The endurance of a football player will be obtained from his ability to carry out the recovery process in a short time. This recovery process is carried out, for example, after sprinting from the line of defense to defense.


The basic mistake of a soccer player is that he only thinks of his leg muscles like a calf, or hamstring. In fact, training that is too forced on one muscle will make the body part over-used and quickly tired, or even quickly injured. Efficiency is how to use other muscles in the body as a source of energy so that stamina and endurance remain. For example: learn the right-hand swing when running, so it can increase speed. It can be also the strength of body cores can make hamstrings work better, or about flexible back, postures can add flexibility.

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