Here Are Some Types Of Luxury Carpets That You Can Use At Home

Everyone must have used carpets at home. Carpets can give a comfortable impression in a room. However, the carpet must also be cleaned regularly rug cleaning. There is a lot of dust and dirt that can stick to the carpet and it can be a source of disease. You can use the services from Carpet Cleaning North Shore to clean your carpet.

However, the use of carpets also cannot be careless, you have to adjust the type of carpet with the room you have. The carpet itself has various types that you can use. Here are some fancy carpets that you can use for your home.

Saxony carpet
This type of carpet is the most common carpet to choose from and is classified as luxurious. This carpet is suitable for rooms with low mobility, such as the living room and master bedroom.

Textured carpet
Textured carpets usually have fibers with which are made rather protruding from the surface, so it feels rough when we touch it. This type of carpet is not easy to show footprints, making it suitable for rooms with high mobility. However, compared to Saxony carpets, this carpet seems less luxurious and less formal.

Frieze carpet
This carpet is made of fiber with a simple knot. When compared with the type of carpet Saxony, this carpet does not look fancy, but still better than a textured carpet. To be sure, this carpet feels soft on the skin, so we can lie on it comfortably. In addition, the soft nature of the fiber can hide traces – footprints and vacuum cleaners.

The important thing about the carpet that should not be forgotten: Padding
Padding or cushioning is the base of the carpet that keeps the carpet from being directly related to the floor. Ordinary padding made of rubber or foam. Padding can hide floor imperfections, especially if the floor does not have a flat surface.

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