How A Non-Inverter AC Works

Actually, the non-inverter AC workings are as follows. The temperature at the remote is for example 24 degrees. When the AC is turned on it will sound “talk” which indicates the AC compressor is on and Freon gas will be pumped from the compressor to the AC evaporator in the Indoor unit and sprayed by the AC fan so that the wind that comes out is a cold wind. The Thermostat Unit at Indoor AC will work with computer units in the AC to try to make the room reach 24 degrees Celsius. So I emphasize the temperature at the AC remote is NOT the same as the room temperature. The temperature in the AC remote is that we as AC users ask the AC to make the room reach the temperature in the AC remote. Is the AC capable of making the room temperature equal to the remote temperature? Not necessarily, especially if the remote is made up of 16. The answer: it won’t work. Meanwhile, you can call the aircon service singapore when your AC is broken.

Well as long as the room temperature has not been reached, the compressor will work FULL 100% until the room temperature is reached OR the compressor is too hot so it will be cut off or turned off. At that time a “click” sound will be heard indicating the AC compressor is off. If the temperature has reached 22 degrees down, the compressor will die indicating the temperature has been reached. The wind coming out of the AC grille will be like a fan … Then after the room temperature is more than 24.9 degrees, the compressor will turn on again marked with the “click” sound again.

This will happen repeatedly as long as the AC is turned on. Now imagine that you set the AC remote at 16 degrees. Your room WILL NEVER reach 16 degrees so the AC compressor will only turn off when it’s too hot. This action will, of course, shorten the life of the AC compressor. SHOULD, with a temperature of only 24 or 25 degrees with the fan in the AUTO position you feel very cold. If it’s not cold and there is no problem with the AC, chances are that your PK AC is not enough to cool the entire room.

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